Develop And Inspire Leaders

Federal agencies get high-impact, measurable results from investing in coaching services. It is an experiential and individualized development process that builds a leader's or team's capability to achieve short and long-term organizational goals. Executive and team coaching provides interaction with an objective third party, who is not tied to the organization, and can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support cannot. Coaching develops the leader or the team in "real time" within the context of their current job while allowing them to maintain their day-to-day responsibilities. At First Division Consulting (FirstDiv), our goal is to encourage organization-wide coaching as a tool to developing and keeping great leaders.

Our Coaches

FirstDiv provides a network of experienced executive coaches located throughout the Washington D.C. metro area and in major federal centers across the United States. We offer our clients ready access to executive coaches who have experience in areas relevant to governance, leadership, management of government programs and technology consulting such as Agile development or ITIL methodologies. FirstDiv executive coaches listen, conduct in-depth interviews, ask powerful questions, provide feedback, and challenge individuals.


What We Assess

  • How you interact with others (MBTI, DISC, FIRO-B)
  • How your core personality helps or derails (Hogan HDS and HDI)
  • How others see you (360's, OPM Leadership, Benchmarks)
  • Your level of emotional intelligence (EQI and EQ360)
  • How you deal with conflict (TKI and SDI)


Organizational Development

  • Executive and Team Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Consulting
  • Small and Large Group Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training and Professional Development

Our Values


With Team FirstDiv's insight into current organizational development challenges, we can customize and recommend a strategy and solution to quickly meet your agency's needs.


We evoke transformation. FirstDiv is positioned to assist and encourage agencies to meet and exceed federal mandates, such as the government wide diversity and inclusion mandate, Executive Order 13583.


Partnership is a vital part of our business. We treat our partners with respect and honesty and receive the same in return. We advocate the free flow of ideas between our partners to achieve goals and perform on a higher level.


Measuring Performance

FirstDiv collaborates with government organizations to effectively track the metrics and develop strategies to measure customer and employee satisfaction, communications initiatives, performance improvement strategies and internal strategic planning results. Performance metrics are the key to demonstrating to the American public that your organization is focused on good government, customer services, and dedicated to excellence.

Tape measure lined up against performance handwritten on a chalkboard

FirstDiv Offers Government Contracting & Professional Services

Our ability to deploy services worldwide, including austere environments, allows us to provide professional services to clients across all federal agencies.


Professional Services

FirstDiv has worked within the Government for many years and has formal training. This provides FirstDiv the experience and tools that can be applied to address customer requirements on short notice. Our professional staff includes Certified PMPs, Certified Six Sigma Black Belts, and MBAs with a wide range of professional training. FirstDiv also serves a broad base of clients in professional services, mission analytics, process improvement, and business development.

Government Contracting

FirstDiv has the ability to bring together the resources necessary to complete projects in an effective and efficient manner.  Our experience is grounded in active military service and guided by year of program management support to Federal Government customers. We offer support on projects that require security clearances at all levels.