88L Instructor

Title 88L Instructor
Location Fort Eustis, VA
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Job Description

Personnel Qualifications: Contractor must be able to physically conduct technical

instructor duties and be able to provide instruction in a classroom, utilize the training simulator,

live training aids, and/or on board an actual ship environment. Standing for extended periods of

time on hard decks or floors, climbing multiple flights of stairs on board a ship environment and

exposed to heat and cold conditions is common when conducting live training events. Instructors

must have no less than three (3) years of Maritime (operations or engineering as applicable) or

Cargo Handling experience, three (3) years of education/training experience with Maritime

candidates must have ability to be vetted through the National Maritime Center (NMC) for

acceptance as a U.S. Coast Guard approved instructor. Excellent problem solving skills with

ability to analyze situations identify existing or potential problems and recommend solutions.

Proficiency in MS Office Applications (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel. The instructors must

have working experience and be knowledgeable in the MOS they are instructing in, at the 10-40

skill level. Instructor must complete the Common Faculty Development Instructor Course

(CFTIC) , the Support Cadre Training (SCT). Must be capable of and have held a position as an

instructor in a military service environment. Instructor must have a minimum of two years’

experience in military teaching/platform instruction or equivalent experience. Must be able to

review course materials, training aids, and manuals for vocational or military training programs.

Instructor must have excellent communicative skills.

* Other military branch equivalent experience can include Chief Engineering Officer/Warrant Officer/Petty Officer for Naval or Coast Guard engine, machinists, mechanical, and electrical maintenance operations.

Job Type: Full-time

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