About Us

Our company name “First Division Consulting, Inc” is a tribute to the many brave men and women who served in the many “First Divisions” of the US armed forces:

old ironsides
1st div USMC

1st Infantry Division “Big Red 1”

  • WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan
  • Oldest continuously serving division in the US Army

1st Armored Division “Old Ironsides”

  • WWII, Vietnam, Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan

1st Marine Division “The Old Breed”

  • Oldest active duty division in USMC
  • WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan

1st Cavalry Division “First Team”

  • WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan

1st Bombardment Division, later named the 1st Air Division

  • Part of 8th US Army Air Force in WWII
  • Flew B-17 Flying fortresses in support of victory in Europe

1st Naval Construction Division “Seabees”

  • Supported the global war on terror, humanitarian & disaster relief
  • Later incorporated into the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command


Executive Leadership


Rich Munson (Vice President)                                             Rue Flores (President)